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I am normal swedish man, born 1975, living in Stockholm, Sweden. Yea, right, normal, I don't think so. I could probably be classified as geek, at least based on my interest and work. So here at my page you can learn a bit more about me, my hobbies, what I do for a living. You will hopefully also be able to see some of my photos.

Things to look at my home page is:
  • Dig into about me if you want to learn more about my history, what I do for a living at Ericsson Research.
  • Me & books, contains some books I recommend as science fiction and fantasy consumer of fairly big statue. I occasionally read some other things.
  • The Games section describes some of the games I like to play, mostly board games.
  • The Science Fiction section concerns me as a SF literature fan, the activities in the swedish Fan scene. 
  • The Forodrim section describes a bit about the J. R. R. Tolkien society I am member of. It gives some great motivation why you should join if your interested of Tolkien and likes social activities.
  • The Photo section contains some of my work, describes my equipment, my success so far in exhibitions. 

Why in English

Why does a swedish man, having swedish as his mother tongue write a home page completely in english? The answer is simply to make it available to a larger community of people. Using english will in most cases not be a problem for any Swedes, as they usually are fairly good at english. I also have some friends or colleagues that are english speaking. I am also feeling confident enough these days about writing in english, and it is actually good exercise to try to write something that is not technical.

The domain name

  The domain is "" which is based on my forename. Magnus means "the great", which in swedish is "den store", as it also is a bit provactive thus hopefully possible to remember. It will also generate great email addresses for people, think <yourname> the great.

About Me

Me & books


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