Who the fuck is Magnus Westerlund?

For most of you I am so far just a name on a web page. I will try to introduce me a little more on this page.

So lets start at the present. I am currently working at Ericsson in Kista, Stockholm with audio encoding and transport, multi-media streaming  research and standardization work. More about my work at this page. However I like my work and it is challanging. I have at the time of writing lived and worked in Stockholm for three years, since January 2000. I live in a Stockholm suburb called Akalla in a expensive two roomer with kitchen. As normal the big city prices has resulted in that I could by a large house in Härnösand for the same money I bougth this appartment. 

Just before christmas 1999 i got my master of science degree in computer science towards signal processing at Luleå university of technology. I lived in Luleå for five years when i studied. It is a town in northern sweden almost at the top of the baltic sea. Yes, its get rather dark in the winters, quite a lot of snow (1 m) and no ICE Bears in the streets.

In 1996 after two years of studying in Luleå I made my military service. It was 12 month long and was as technician on a mobile radar station. I was stationed in both Boden (near Luleå) and in Östersund. I learned to service the radar station in Östersund during 6 months and had a fairly easy military service. Very little field training and rather lot of freedom.

Before I started in Luleå i had lived the previous year in Uddevalla on the west coast of sweden. I was there for my last year of "gymnasium" (e.q. of high school) and their computer courses. It was a very fun year, 800 km from my parents with other class mates experiencing the same freedom. The previous 2 years in "gymnasium" i studied in Härnösand.

I went to mandatory school in class 7-9 in Härnösand on a school called Kiörningsskolan. Class 1-6 i went to the local village school i Häggdånger. The whole school had about 50-60 pupils in all six classes. When i lived in Härnösand I actually lived in a little village 10 km south of Härnösand named Antjärn.

I also have a sister two years younger than me that recently has moved to Stockholm to work as librarian on a school in Brandbergen, Hanninge. Having her more close than before is good.

That was my educational history also giving where I have spent my life. However I am more than this dry facts. I have some hobbies also. For one thing I like beer, and that is good bear. I am a home brewer and also a judge at home brewing competitions. So I quote a line from Peter Högström, "Life is to short to drink bad beer". For more information on how to brew your own beer, see Svenska Hembryggar Föreningen.

I also read a lot, to find out more, see "Me & books".

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